We are working hard to add NEW VARIETIES to our range of plants including more Dwarf fruit trees such as our FANTASTIC range of GENUINE Dwarf Nectarines, Dwarf Peaches, Dwarf Apricots and now Dwarf Plums. This is called the Backyard Beauties™ range. All varieties and DWARF rootstocks used in this range are EXCLUSIVE to PlantNet® and its own wholesale nursery members and can only be used under the PlantNet® brand.

All fruit tree varieties sold by PlantNet and its associated nurseries are from plant breeders who only use traditional plant breeding methods with no artificial methods used. 

Our NEW LOOK ONLINE SHOP is open for business, offering the home gardener a great option of shopping from  home. Great products are available including Blueberry Burst®, winter bare root fruit trees and a great range of pest traps and a QLD fruit fly bait attractant. Weekly orders for Blueberry Burst® from the online shop close every Sunday night for Monday morning dispatches.




Blueberry Kisses® plants are available from our online shop NOW!



        NEW PLANT RELEASES                        


Winter Bareroot fruit tree sales are now available from the online shop for purchase now with first deliveries in late June. Checkout our new range of Dwarf Cherries available from the online shop now.

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  • NEW Cherry Celebration Cherry Celebration® is a new range of Dwarf Cherries exclusive to PlantNet. PlantNet has chosen these varieties for their great eating characteristics and the fact that they are all self pollinating, so no need to have another variety nearby. All varieties have been around in Australia for many years. PlantNet® now makes them available as dwarf varieties of Cherries. Trees will grow to half the height (2.0m-2.5m) of a standard Cherry tree but will have full sized fruit. These varieties of cherries are only suitable for traditional cherry growing areas which receive extremely cold winter nights and days. They are not suitable for coastal NSW and all of QLD (Colder areas of Stanthorpe may be able to grow them).