Apart from having an innovative website with information for the home gardener from site selection right through to fruit harvest and setting up an online retail sales arm, PlantNet® is an innovative company established in 2006, when its parent company, the Australian Nurserymen's Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC), was fast filling its stables of imported fruiting plants ornamentals. With a limited outlet to commercialise everything ANFIC imported, we decided to provide home gardeners with the opportunity to access some of the best fruit varieties from around the world and Australia.

Through our company's association with AIGN (the Associated International Group of Nurseries) we have access to some of the best plant breeding programs the world has to offer and our goal is to bring those plants, both fruiting and ornamental varieties to the home gardeners of Australia.

Blueberry Burst®, Pinkabelle®, Angel PeachTM (medium and low chill), Sunset PeachTM and our Sunset NectarineTM are just the tip of the iceberg for this new, innovative and exciting company. PlantNet also has the exclusive rights to the only Genuine dwarfing rootstock which they use for peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots in Australia. There are many impressive and inspiring plants to be released as we mature as a company.....keep an eye on www.plantnet.com.au for company updates, ideas and of course new plant releases!

Although still a young company, we have a wealth of experience - in fact generations - of growing plants.

All our nurseries are members of their state Nursery and Garden Industry Association and are as proud as we are to be able to exclusively introduce and supply plants to the home gardeners that NO ONE ELSE IN AUSTRALIA CAN!!!

PlantNet Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Gavin Porter - over 30 years experience in the Horticultural Industry.

Horticulture Marketing Coordinator

Mr Mark Dann - over 30 years in the Horticultural Industry.

Executive Assistant

Ms Elizabeth Cox - 20 years experience in  government research and development and reporting.

ANFIC/PlantNet Nurseries

Our proud nursery members include:

Balhannah Nurseries - Charleston, South Australia (supply to commercial fruit growers and retail garden nurseries)

Gol Gol Nurseries - Gol Gol, New South Wales (supply to commercial fruit growers and retail garden nurseries)

JFT Nurseries - Monbulk, Victoria (supply to commercial fruit growers and retail garden nurseries)

Narromine Transplants - Narromine, NSW (supply to commercial fruit growers and retail garden nurseries)

Olea Nurseries - Manjimup - Western Australia (supply to commercial fruit growers and retail garden nurseries)

Cherry Rootstocks Australia- Wandin East, Victoria (supply commercial fruit growers only)

Hansen Orchards - Grove, Tasmania (supply of Apples and Cherry varieties to commercial fruit growers)

Little Tree Company - Shepparton, Victoria (supply commercial fruit growers only)

Mount View Orchards - Batlow, New South Wales (supply commercial fruit growers only)


Tahune Fields Nursery - Huon Valley, Tasmania (supply commercial fruit growers only)

WA Shepherd & Sons - Balnarring, Victoria (supply commercial fruit growers only)