Angel Peach™ - Flat Yellow Fleshed Peach

The Plant

Subtropical Angel (variety UFOcv(Fla.98-7p) does not have to be grown in a cool climate? Want something easy to grow and that looks good - if so this Angel Peach is for you.

It is a plant that grows to approximately 3m x 3m. It produces beautiful pink peach blossom in early spring which grows into unique sweet yellow fleshed flat peaches on the tree.

The fruit matures around Christmas time saving you dollars on the Christmas fruit platter!! Fruit can also be stored in the freezer to help make the crop last longer.

The Yellow Fleshed Flat Angel Peach is suited more to the warmer areas of Australia and can be grown in any subtropical environment from Rockhampton in Queensland to temperate regions within Victoria.

The Yellow Fleshed Flat Angel Peach can handle frosts, however if you are in an area that is prone to late frosts you would be better suited getting the Flat White Fleshed Angel Peach which flowers that little bit later in the Spring.


The Pollinators

NONE!!! The Yellow Fleshed Flat Angel Peach is 100% self fertile, which means NO pollinators are required to set fruit.

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The Angel PeachTM (UFO)