Backyard Beauties™

The concept of Backyard Beauties™ is to highlight to home gardeners which of PlantNet's products are considered to be of exceptional value and benefit.

PlantNet wants to change our way of marketing trees to consumers. We want to take the approach of what our plants can do for the consumer as opposed to selling the plant on its benefits or merits.

The concept is to help make the gardening experience better and more rewarding for all those who choose to grow plants from the Backyard Beauties™range, simply because we can assure them that they will get something back from the plant.

The Backyard Beauties™ range will give people confidence that they are buying a plant that will give them excellent value for money, and will be easily recognisable by the Backyard Beauties™logo - a simple thumbs up.

All fruit trees in this range are SMALL TREES with BIG FRUIT.

All varieties in this range can be grown in the ground or alternatively in pots or tubs.

Trees in the Backyard Beauties range will do all their growing in the first 12 months after planting and once they start to fruit the growth will slow down significantly therefore all tree training should be completed in the first 12 months.

The first plants to be included in the Backyard Beauties™ range were PlantNet's Super Dwarf Sunset Peach and Super Dwarf Sunset Nectarine™. Apart from being red leafed, dwarfing and very low chill, one of the main reasons for including these plants in the inaugural launch of Backyard Beauties™is because they can be grown by most gardeners in Australia, including kids.These were followed by Pinkabelle and Leprechaun Apples.

Keep an eye out for the Backyard Beauties™logo, as pictured, when shopping in your local nursery.

Don't forget to keep checking our website for other varieties to be released in the Backyard Beauties range!


-A range of Dwarf Nectarines, Dwarf Peaches, Dwarf Apricots, Dwarf Plums, Dwarf self pollinating Almond and Dwarf Apples (Choose your favourite variety from this extensive range)


The Backyard Beauties™range are second to none when it comes to quality of fruit, not to mention the advantage of being dwarf fruit trees so they can be planted in pots or tubs on the patio, balcony or deck.

With all varieties maturing at different times over the season you would not have to buy a Nectarine Peach, Plum or Apricot all summer!

Blueberry Burst is the latest edition and one of the most popular products.

Great information can be found on growing the Backyard Beauties range on our plant care pages

All varieties and Genuine DWARF rootstocks used in this range are EXCLUSIVE to PlantNet and its own wholesale nursery members and can only be used under the PlantNet brand.