Codling Moth traps for the Home Gardener

There is nothing as frustrating as seeing fruit with insect damage even after spraying with chemicals, so PlantNet offers an alternative to chemical control.

PlantNet is proud to make available for sale to the Home Gardener environmentally safe trapping kits (safe for kids and pets) for the reduction of certain insect pests in fruit trees. The traps for sale, lure and kill insects as they get stuck to the sticky sides of the trap. The Codling Moth traps attract female moths to the trap and to a lesser extent male moths. This trap will be a useful tool in helping to reduce Codling Moth numbers in fruit trees for the Home Gardener. The traps are constructed so the lures are unaffected by both sun and rain.

Each trap type will only attract that particular pest type to the trap and all traps are safe to beneficial insects, and bees.

The kits have been carefully selected by PlantNet to control pests in warmer and cooler climates of Australia. Each trap comes with a set of easy to follow instructions on installation of the traps for the Home Gardener.

Each  kit supplied has two traps and two lures. One lure lasts approx 5 weeks,so therefore two traps and two lures per fruiting season. The traps can then be stored after the fruiting season until the following year and then all the Home Gardener will need to do is buy the lures from PlantNet in the next fruiting season.

An alternative to buying traps is to make your own sticky traps (i.e. plastic container or Chinese food container as the trap and purchase sheets of sticky paper from leading hardware chains such as Bunnings or Masters from their pest products section) and then purchase the lures from PlantNet. Seperate lures are available for Codling Moth only at this stage from our online shop. If interest is shown by the Home gardener for Light Brown Apple Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, and Queensland Fruit Fly lures, Plantnet will look at adding these to our range of lures available in the future.


See our pests and diseases page on the PlantNet website for a description of pests and their control.

View the helpful map at the bottom of the page detailing where each trap kit should be used.

Codling Moth Kit For use in Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, and Plums throughout Australia. Regions of Australia where the kit is recommended are. Mediterranean, Cool Temperate, Cold (sometimes Warm Temperate) 

2 x Codling moth traps + 2 lures-Adult Female Codling Moths are attracted to the small lure within the trap.