Columnar Apples

PlantNet® is proud to offer a new Columnar Apple range to the home gardeners of Australia.

Available from selected stockists in VIC,SA and NSW as both potted fruit trees in Summer and bare root fruit trees in winter. Also available from our online shop in winter.

Columnar apple trees are created to grow straight up, reaching a height of 3 metres and are usually only 60cm wide. Ideally suited for growing in pots, tubs and confined spaces and even balcony growing. 

Harmony(variety UEB 3420/3)

Harmony™ produces medium sized round fruit with golden skin. Excellent eating apple, creamy white flesh, which is crisp, sweet and juicy maturing in March - April

SUGGESTED POLLINATORS: Pom-for-you, Pom Pink, Cumulus, Herald and Pinkabelle.


Pom Pink

Pom Pink produces full sized apples with Pink skin which are crisp, juicy and sharp but sweet tasting fruit, more suitable for use in cooking, maturing March - April

SUGGESTED POLLINATORS: Pom-for-you, Harmony, Cumulus, Herald and Pinkabelle.


(Florina x Telamon)


Herald produces large conical fruit with solid red skin colour and has weakly defined stripes. It has cream coloured flesh with a fine texture and is firm and crisp to eat, maturing the same time as Golden Delicious Apple. Herald is resistant to apple scab and mildew.

SUGGESTED POLLINATORS: Cumulus, Pom Pink, Pom for You, Harmony and Pinkabelle.


(Selena x McIntosh Wijcik)

Cumulus produces large fruit which are solid red in colour and has weakly defined stripes with a light green background colour. It has a firm white flesh with a fine texture and is firm and crisp to eat,maturing the same time as Golden Delicious Apple. 

SUGGESTED POLLINATORS: Herald, Pom Pink, Pom for You, Harmony and Pinkabelle.

None of the Columner range are recommended for coastal QLD and Northern NSW as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.