Coral Beauty™

Only available from Victorian stockists.


Don Burke's Brachychiton:

Coral Beauty




Coral Beauty is a hybrid variety of Brachychiton acerfolius and Brachychiton populneus.  Coral Beauty is a small wide crowned shade tree measuring approximatley 6m wide by approximately 6-8m tall.  It is an evergreen tree, grafted onto a hardy rootstock, that has some minor leaf drop in the cooler temperate regions of Australia.  It produces beautiful coral red flowers in November, with the display lasting weeks.


It flowers profusely - up to 10 times more than its relative the Illawarra Flame Tree.  Early pruning for shape is recommended to encourage branching.  Little maintenance is required once established.  Coral Beauty can withstand frosts and is drought hardy, making it an excellent choice of tree.





Coral Beauty is protected by Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR) and it is illegal to propagate plant material from this variety under the 1994 PBR Act.