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 DWARF Peaches

Dwarf Peaches varieties have been welcomed into the PlantNet® suite under the banner of the Backyard Beauties™Range. This range is exclusive to PlantNet and its nurseries. 



  • FresnoTM(variety Flavorcrest) -   It is a large attractive, yellow fleshed, peach.    FresnoTM has excellent flavour and has a free stone.  The fruit ripens Late December, and like all peaches is self pollinating. Click here for current stockists.
  • Golden Queen -    DWARF Golden Queen is a clingstone which ripens very late in season (March/April).  A nice golden skin and flesh colour gives its name.  Famous for its canning abilities it eats just as well fresh and is a very popular variety the world over.  Medium chill makes it a variety that can be grown in most temperate regions of Australia. Prolific bearing means it may require staking in its early years. Plant it in a tub or a large pot for easy gardening. Click here for current stockists


  • O'Henry - The DWARF O'Henry is a brightly coloured large peach with a slight fuzz.  The fruit is bright red, yellow fleashed and very sweet and juicy.  It is a firm piece of fruit with a free stone and tastes absolutely delicious.  The tree is self fertile and prolific and will require staking when young. Click here for current stockists.


  • White GoldTM - A classic Australian DWARF peach originating from Bathurst, NSW.  It is a large white fleshed mid season variety with fruit ripening in January.  White GoldTM is self fertile and has a red skin blush and a cling stone.  This mid season peach is ideal for bottling and cooking, and also delicious eaten fresh straight from the tree.


  • Anzac is a large round fruit, the skin has a deep pink blush over cream background, juicy white flesh with a very good flavour maturing in late December- Early January. 

  • Silvan Sunset

    Silvan Sunset (4 Seasons) is a late season peach variety that has been available in Australia for many years. PlantNet® now makes it available as a Dwarf variety of peach. Exclusive to PlantNet®.

    This is a very different variety of peach as it has something to offer in all seasons beginning with a large amount of high coloured blossom in spring, followed by medium sized, golden, clingstone fruit with firm flesh which is juicy with good flavour in autumn. Golden autumn foliage is also a feature and extremely high coloured branches in winter makes this variety a great all-rounder.

    It is a late season peach harvesting in mid to late March. Silvan Sunset is self-fruitful. Famous for its canning abilities it eats just as well fresh. Prolific bearing means this variety will require staking.

  • Indian Peach (Also known as Blackboy Peach)  is a very unusual peach with velvety dark skin with an extremely creamy white flesh which turns blood red as the fruit matures. A sweet juicy peach ideal for eating fresh. Fruit harvests in late February. Available from VIC, SA and NSW only


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See our great maturity guide for harvest timing, under the plant care tab on the plantnet home page.


All 4 varieties will grow to a height of 1.5m-2.0m with a width of 1.5m-2.0m.

Genuine dwarfing rootstock Exclusive to PlantNet. SMALL TREES BIG FRUIT

Prolific bearing means they may require staking in the early years.  Plant them in a tub or a large pot for easy gardening.  Not to mention a guarantee the kids will love them!



Not recommended for coastal QLD and Northern NSW as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.





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