Super Dwarf Sunset Peach ™-Red Leaf Peach

The Plant

Queenslanders and Sydneysiders - we have another fruit tree for you!

The beautiful Super Dwarf Sunset Peach™, along with our Super Dwarf Sunset Nectarine™ is another one of PlantNet's unique plants to be released to the home gardeners of Australia. They are also part of our Backyard Beauties® Range.

The  Super Dwarf Sunset Peach has beautiful red leaves throughout the year. The plant grows to approximately 1-1.5m height x 0.8m width. It has high density flowering and double pink peach blossom in spring. It produces full sized, white flesh peaches.

The sweet full sized white fleshed fruit matures in late November / early December in subtropical areas and January/early February in cooler areas so you can avoid the rush of going to the supermarket to get your early season Summer Fruit - just grow your own!

The Super Dwarf Sunset Peach™ is suited more to the warmer areas of Australia and can be grown in any sub-tropical environment from Rockhampton in Queensland to temperate regions within Victoria.

The Super Dwarf Sunset Peach™ is absolutely perfect for pots on the patio, balcony or deck. The plant can handle frost during winter, however, if you are in an area that is prone to late frosts you would be better suited to leave it in a protected environment until flowering has finished to ensure you get the best fruit returns.

Great plant to get the kids involved in growing their own fruit in the garden! Why not get the pigeon pair and grab a Super Dwarf Sunset Nectarine™ while you are at it?

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The Pollinators

NONE!!! The Sunset Peach is 100% self fertile, which means NO pollinators are required to set fruit.

Tips and tricks for growing Super Dwarf Sunset Peach.

Pull or strip leaves off trees around the third week in May to early June to promote dormancy and strong flower bud development for large fruit and then apply a good Copper fungicide (Not Copper Sulphate as this will cause damage to bark and buds).This application is for the control of Curly Leaf fungal disease. Apply Copper once more in 2 weeks, 3 weeks in colder climates.

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The Super Dwarf Sunset PeachTM (Plantnet Sunset 1)