Pest exclusion netting

Protect your Crops!

Why spray for Insect pests when there is a better alternative?

PlantNet now carries a range of netting suitable for protecting Fruit trees and Vegetables from Birds, Flying Foxes and most insect pests. (Wildlife safe due to the small mesh sizes).

We have a number of options available.

VegeNet- For protection of vegetable gardens or to cover fruit trees while they have fruit on them. Not for permanent use, more suited to seasonal use.

Comes in two sizes (W)2.87m x (L)5m & (W)6m x (L)10m


Fruit Fly Net- This a commercial netting widely used in the farming sector ideal for permanent netting structures. The mesh is not as small as the Vege Net and will not keep out plague thrip and mite pests, however it will keep out moth or adult stage's of many caterpillar pests. Fantastic for Fruit Fly protection?

Netting width is 10m.  Order  (W)10m x (L)10m


Options for netting structures

For pots- One cane stake in each corner of the pot, protect the net with a bottle or can and away you go.


For vege gardens flexible pvc or condute (note the brace in the top- 2 is even better).

Related image  Image result for pvc netting structures images

For permanent fruit tree structures-                  

star pickets (waratahs) and polythene pipe.           The system below can be scaled down for use also.




Short term protection.

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