Spring Satin™Plumcot

The Plant

Spring Satin™ is a natural hybrid between a plum and apricot...known as a Plumcot!

It produces beautiful white flowers that bloom around mid September followed by large, sweet, high quality fruit that matures in late November / early December.

The internal fruit colour is a vibrant yellow flesh when immature, changing to a yellowish-red when mature. The outside of the fruit is a deep, rich dark plum colour.

The unique Spring Satin™ Plumcot is tolerant to major plum diseases, like bacterial spot and bacterial canker. The tree grows to approximately 3m high x 2m wide and unlike other known varieties of Plumcot this one actually crops! This fruiting sensation will be a welcome addition to anyone's garden!!!

Available as Dwarf Spring Satin from selected stockists 2015 growing to 2.0m (SMALL TREES BIG FRUIT)

The Pollinators

The Spring Satin™ is is partially self fertile, which means it will set small amounts of fruit without a pollinator - HOWEVER - it will benefit from cross pollination, which will result in more fruit setting on your plant.

Use another plum or an apricot that flowers at the same time to get the best cross pollination results.

Not recommended for coastal QLD and Northern NSW as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.

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