Pinkabelle® - Apple Tree

The Plant

Pinkabelle® (variety Pink Belle cv PBR) has many exciting features for the home gardener!

It is a compact, spur bearing dwarf Cripps Pink and grows to approximately 2 metres tall by approximately 1 metre wide. It produces full size, export quality fruit. PINKABELLE DOES NOT REQUIRE PRUNING UNLESS A PARTICULAR TREE SHAPE IS REQUIRED! and is part of our Backyard Beauties Range

Fruit matures approximately 7 - 14 days earlier than standard Cripps Pink (Pink Lady™)- which means anytime from ANZAC Day, depending on what state you live in.

Pinkabelle® is a true dwarf which means the tree is dwarfing - not the rootstock which is usually the case for other dwarfing apple trees. This means we can use a non dwarfing rootstock to grow our trees, which are generally more robust and water efficient.

Pinkabelle® can be used in all sized gardens and has many uses including pots, tubs, small screens or hedges, specimen shrub/trees, feature plants for the courtyard, deck or balcony.

Pinkabelle® is back in the nurseries for its 11th year.

The Pollinators

All apples need pollinators. Pinkabelle® is partially self fertile, which means it will set small amounts of fruit without a pollinator - HOWEVER - it will benefit from cross pollination, which will result in more fruit setting on your plant.

Leprechaun(Dwarf Granny Smith) is a great pollination partner but also Crab apples, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji and Red Delicious apple varieties are some of the most common Pinkabelle® cross pollinators and all are available in dwarf form from PlantNet.

Not recommended for coastal QLD and Northern NSW as winters are not cold enough to produce fruit.

Click here for information on planting and care of fruit trees, including information on pests and diseases.




 Pinkabelle® (Pink Belle cv)