Pruning fruit trees

One of the big features of many of the PlantNet products in the Backyard Beauties range is the minimal pruning needed at any stage of their life because they are GENUINE dwarf varieties unless you require a certain tree shape as shown in the images to the left hand side of this page and below. Pruning is done to help shape your tree from a young age. It also keeps the top of the tree in check with the bottom of the tree so it is "well balanced".

Most of the PlantNet Dwarf fruit tree range under the Backyard Beauties banner will do most of their growing in the first couple of years and will grow to their full height by then. After this time the tree will start into a fruiting cycle and the tree will not grow any more in height and then starts to produce large quantities of fruit bearing laterals (branches).

It is recommended for the Angel Peach, full size Fireball and full size Spring Satin that once you have planted your tree, you prune it straight away (if it has not already been done by PlantNet Nurseries or the retail nurseries).

A good guide for pruning is - more is better!! Don't be afraid to prune your new fruit tree by approximately ONE THIRD after planting or when it is young if you want lower branching. This may seem harsh but it will be beneficial for the fruit tree down the track. If the tree has lower branching the first cut can be made a little higher.

There are different pruning methods and depending on what you want from your fruit trees will depend on what pruning method you use. See below diagrams.

Make sure you do not allow any shoots to grow from below the ground or graft, and ensure they are removed cleanly to the tree trunk.

                                                Espalier training system



                                             Palmette Training System




                                              Vase pruning system