Replacement lures for PlantNet Insect Pest traps

PlantNet also offer Replacement lures for Codling Moth which available online through the PlantNet wesite.

Packs have 2 lures which will last one season. (1 lure will last 5 weeks so therefore a pack will last the fruiting season)

Seperate lures are available for Codling Moth only at this stage from our online shop. If interest is shown by the Home gardener for Light Brown Apple Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, and Queensland Fruit Fly lures, Plantnet will look at adding these to our range of lures available in the future.


An alternative to buying traps is to make your own sticky traps (i.e. plastic container or Chinese food container as the trap and purchase sheets of sticky paper from leading hardware chains such as Bunnings or Masters from their pest products section) and then purchase the lures from PlantNet.


Cick here to view our pests and diseases page for a description of pests and their control.


Instructions for DIY traps for all insect pests.


1. Select a plastic container as pictured, rectangular or round. 2.Cut or melt a 30mm-40mm hole in the middle of the top and the middle of the bottom (these are the pest access holes). 3. Pierce a small hole in the middle of one side to tie a cord to attach to your fruit tree 4. Lay sticky paper as shown around the whole of the inside of the trap to catch insect pests.

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