Site selection for fruit trees

Fruit trees prefer sunny positions to grow well and produce fruit, and where possible you should try and plant them in these positions. Part shade during the early morning and late afternoon is ok, provided the fruit trees receive sunlight during the rest of the day. It is not a good idea to plant fruit trees next to full grown shrubs or trees as these will rob soil moisture and nutrients from your fruit tree. If planting a row of trees try and plant in a North/South aspect.

The site you are choosing to plant your trees should not have any known soil issues such as nematodes or major soil diseases and should be well drained.

In some of the warmer areas of Australia fruit trees can be planted on the southern side of the house to ensure it is receiving the coolest temperatures during the evening to meet chilling requirements in winter and is not receiving extra hot temperatures during summer that can burn leaves and fruit.

If you are choosing a PlantNet product from the Backyard Beauties range such as Pinkabelle, Sunset Peach, Sunset Nectarine, or others that are suitable for planting in pots you should consider the above, however you may have the option of moving the plant around to suit your conditions.  If planting in the ground all of the Backyard Beauties range can be planted at 1.5 m between trees if planting multiple trees.