Sweet Temptation Fig™

Sweet Temptation Fig™ Ficus carica is a variety PlantNet has selected because it will  grow in cooler regions of Australia as well as warmer and subtropical climates.

The tree has a low vigour and so is easier to manage than many other Fig varieties. This makes it ideal for confined garden spaces and pots or tubs.

It is a self pollinating variety which produces large sized fruit in the first season after planting. Early harvested fruit is tear drop in shape. As harvest progresses the fruit fill out and become more rounded in shape.

Skin colour is red to maroon with flesh colour being a brilliant shade of pink. Fruit has a sweet taste with a low suceptability to fruit splitting unlike most fig varieties.

As the variety has low vigour, trees should be fertilised regularly. Fruit can be eaten fresh either peeled or unpeeled, or used in high flavoured jams and preserves or cooked for use in desserts.

Available currently from selected retail nursery stockists in Victoria only.

Variety- Red Conadria