Tropical Sensations®

Exclusive to PlantNet®

NEW TROPICAL SENSATIONS® Currently Not available.


Peach and Nectarine range for warmer climates such as coastal Qld and NSW.

All varieties have been selected by PlantNet® for their genuine low chilling requirements and low acid flavour.

100 –275 chill units

(Tree height to 3m)

PlantNet® is proud to offer this fantastic range of varieties to the home gardeners of QLD and NSW.

These varieties have been grown by commercial fruit growers with great success and now PlantNet makes them available to the home gardeners of Australia.

 Not available from our online shop. 

  • Early Beauty Peach ( variety 98-1c) is a highly coloured, sweet,yellow fleshed peach with with very little acid. It has a firm flesh with a small amount of red pigment in the flesh. Ripens Early October.



  • Delight-ful Peach™ (variety UF One 97-30c) is a large peach with good sugar levels in the flesh and 50% red skin over yellow background. Peach rust resistant. Ripens end of September/October. 


  • Sunny Belle Nectarine™ (variety Fla 98-8CNW) is a medium size, early white flesh nectarine with 60%  red skin covered in light sugar speckels with excellent flavour. Ripens early October. 


  •  Nectarina™ (variety FLA 99-1cn) is very round, almost crisp. A very sweet fruit with an unusual yellow skin, bright yellow flesh. A very fast fruit development period from flower. Ripens mid to late October.